A fluid and debris free working area is essential for a successful and relaxed treatment. The suction is used to remove the fluid and debris from the oral cavity to provide a clear view and offer patient safety.

Pink Petal is a simple aide for the saliva ejector suction: it's effective and comfortable for the patient! It simply slides onto the existing saliva ejector and lies against the cheek in the patient's vestibule and holds the saliva ejector comfortably right where it is needed - at the back of the patient's mouth.

Pink Petal ensures continuous, reliable suction and keeps the assistant's hands completely free. If Pink Petal is temporarily not needed it can be easily and quickly lowered on the saliva ejector.It is then temporarily out of the way but quickly ready for use when required.

Pink Petal is a single - use product (no time - consuming reprocessing required) and ideal for adhesive techniques, ultrasonic scaling, sealing and much more.

1. slide open
2. place
3. vacuum

Pink Petal

Suction Aid
Content: 50 Pieces
Price: € 27.50 (plus VAT)

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